Sunday, June 22, 2008

So What's New?

Not much really!
  • It's been a sweltering weekend here - sunny and the temperatures hovering around 35.

  • Tonight is the big quarter final game between Italy and Spain and its going to be wild around here if Italy wins - what am I saying "if," of course they're going to win!

  • Our friend Brigit introduced us to La Baia Sardina, a restaurant just around the corner, last Wednesday. Their shrimp, zucchini and white truffle tagliatelle is heaven and the wild berry pana cotta is pretty fine too!

  • Laurent went to a wine tasting in the Pyramide area and, and as well as drinking some intriquing wines and meeting some interesting people, he came home with the URL for Italian Notebook, a fun website with a quirky take on life in Italy. I've added it to my favorites.

  • I received a comment the other day from David which then led me to his blog I'll think of something later. It's a witty, knowledgeable and intriguing look at the cultural scene in the U.K. and beyond through the eyes of an insider. And his posting on a recent production of Ralph Vaughn William's Pilgrim's Progress made me envious - oh dear Bunyon wrote about a character called Envy didn't he? And not all that flatteringly.

  • CrodinoI've become addicted to Crodino - one of the many non-alcoholic aperitif drinks found here. According to the label its water, sugar, a herb infusion and a few of those other things with long names that make drinks bubbly and extend shelf-life. A bottle mixed with a splash of tonic and some ice and you've got something that goes down a treat on a hot day. You can also add white wine if you're so inclined - at which point you get a Crodino sprtiz!

  • There's a large and very active Seniors' Centre in the park across the street from us. They started their nightly summer tea dances this evening, so we are being serenaded by an accordian group with an Al Martinoesque singer. Its all the old favorites guaranteed to get the more mature crowd up and dancing. And I seem to know most of the tunes - so what does that say about me?

Again I am totally ignorant of the name of this particularly plant but I've found the bud formation fascinating to watch as it begins to bloom. First these small globes that open to send out a faintly phallic looking bloosom which should open - if memory serves - into a trumpet like flower.

Nothing else new that I can think of... oh there is the new look on here. I decided I wanted something to reflect the colours of Roma. The ochres of the buildings and the green of the plant strewn balconies - and besides it was time for a change.

22 giugno - San Paolino di Nola


evilganome said...

What? No comment on the opera? I'm going to assume that it just didn't bear comment. Rome sounds wonderfully lazy. I envy you.

sageweb said...

Lovely photos...sounds like things are going good. How nice to have a tea dance across the entertainment.

Blake said...

So, are you going to join Italian Notebook as a contributor? You write extremely well and could comment on opera and restaurants for example.

Tamryn said...

Thanks so much for the mention of It has been enjoying record growth from the grass roots responses we are getting along these lines. Hope you continue to enjoy it-not much left in the world that is free and full of delight!