Saturday, June 09, 2007

Finita la comedia

Definately not Opera ChicThe Sybil of Opera in Italy has been slapped with a cease and desist order from the temple where, if there was anyone sensible in charge, she should be, if not high-priestess at least in charge of publicity.

Earlier this week legal council for La Scala instructed Opera Chic to remove her logo (a fun spin on their rather dull coat of arms) from her blog. She was also directed to remove all photos taken inside the theatre. Though within their legal rights its rather pathetic that no one at Italy's premier opera house recognizes the great - free - publicity she gives them. She writes with wit, charm, knowledge and a deep love of the place and music; and she makes going to La Scala sound like the major event it should be. Her piece on the upcoming season was certainly more exciting than what was posted on the official site - where by the way some of the money spent on legal council could have been directed to hiring an English proof reader.

Fortunately no group of dark-suited Milanese lawyers can keep a feisty New York babe down. OC (Opera Chic not Orange County) will continue to give us her pronouncements on things musical and operatical under a new - and frankly imho hotter - logo.

By the way that is not OC in front of La Scala in that picture - she is younger, hotter and far more stylish. Also note I did not include a link to La Scala - just to punish the bastards!

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BigAssBelle said...

how silly. how could the opera house not realize how great it is to have such publicity? short sighted, but i'm happy that OC has survived and continues to thrive.