Saturday, June 16, 2007

From the Office Window - Friday June 15, 2007

July 13 is my last day at work - only four weeks away. Emotions are mixed - I have worked with some of my colleagues for 30 years off and on. Many of us are on second careers - we started at Air Canada, retired and came back to work in the Government. From a few comments I've overhead some people are getting tired of going to my farewell lunches - my former sous-chef Molly figures this is number 4, that she can remember!

I know I will miss the people - old colleagues and new - and I will miss the incredible view - changing with every season - I have from the office windows.

Lebreton Flats and the War MuseumLebreton Flats - was once a crowded community of taverns, small businesses and company houses many owned by the E. B. Eddy Co. They were razed in the 1960's to make way for ... nothing until the War Museum was built in 2002. Plans have been approved and construction started on luxury condominiums and apartments and the developers are making a killing.

The Mill and Victoria IslandVictoria Island is the venue for most of this year's National Aboriginal Day celebrations - some of the biggest names in the Native arts community are appearing from June 21-24. Before it became the site of lumber mills and factories the island had particularly significance for the tribes along the Ottawa River.

The Supreme CourtI wish the area around the Supreme Court were a little less austere but given what's done there maybe its appropriate.

Alexandra and Interprovincal BridgesThere are only five bridges connecting Ottawa to Gatineau - four in the downtown and one in the West - rush hour traffic can be hell.

Beginning of the Sparks Street MallOur end of the Sparks Street Mall is all flower beds and trees - the cafes, restaurants and stores are a few blocks away.


more cowbell said...

Oh, what wonderful views! Well, at least your destination is a beautiful place as well.

BigAssBelle said...

how lovely. by the time i get to canada, you'll be living a life of roman revelry. it's beautiful, which i've always know, but seeing your shots of it and reading your description makes it more real.

congrats on the retirement. now the fun is on.

tater said...

I am jealous of your present views and your future ones as well. Enjoy your retirement, and the quality time you will get to spend with your loved ones!