Friday, June 08, 2007


Reese on the moveI would not normally put up a post like this - mostly because I don't like to scare Laurent who is so far away and feels so helpless when situations occur here at home. But his old MAC gave up the ghost earlier this week so I am taking a chance that given the time difference etc. he won't see this.

Reesie is scheduled to go to the vets this afternoon to get his rabies shot and micro-chipped for the move, however a few things have been going on the past few days with him that may need more immediate attention. I won't go into it in any depth but I am concerned for my little buddy, he isn't well. I know he's old - 13 going on 14 - he's had major back surgery and there have always been health problems but things have been happening the past few days that scare me.

We'll see what our Vet - the old-style country type - says tonight - being Irish I always prepare for the worst but hope for the best. My blog mama lynnette has been going through a time with one of her pups but I'm glad to say things seem to be working out. Hope for the same for my best bud.


BigAssBelle said...

Oh Willym, I am so sorry! Poor little baby, and poor you. I am hoping, hoping, hoping it's something minor and easily fixable. So hard when they're not well. I don't know where this fierce protectiveness of the little pups comes from, but I know you feel it too and it's heartbreaking.

Will you post something as soon as you know? Thoughts and prayers for you and Reesie.

Big hugs, lynette

Tater said...

My heart goes out to you and Reesie. I hope to God he is okay, and that you are as well. I love my little one so dearly that she feels like my child. I am sending thoughts of healing and love your way!

more cowbell said...

Oh no -- I'm so sad to read this -- how scary for you. And for you to be handling it alone, as well as worried about Laurent worrying ... crap. The whole "I'm sending positive thoughts your way" feels so lame to say -- but know everyone out there IS sending that energy.

Last year Batman had to have emergency surgery, it was very scary. He's fine now. I hope very much Reesie will be fine. Please keep us posted?