Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Come Into the Garden, Maud - IV

Tiny purple-blue flowers
I have absolutely no idea what these flowers are. They are dotted throughout the garden and bloom for a week or two.
Close up of purple-blue flowers
More of those blue flowers
They are quite lovely and in full bloom first thing in the morning when the sun hits them, but....

Flowers at sunset.... towards sunset they close up and become this little pea pods.

Just wondering if anyone knows what they are; Lynette I can normally count on you to refresh my fading memory on things floral.


more cowbell said...

oh good, I'm not the only one with a mystery purple flower. Pretty!

more cowbell said...
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tater said...

You are so fortunate to have such beauty surrounding you. I would never leave home... I, alas, am brown-thumbed, and can only admire and envy other's gardens.

BigAssBelle said...

gorgeous. it's tradescantia virginica, which carries the unhappy common moniker of spiderwort.

i am not a fan of "-wort" attached to anything, yet so many of the common names of lusciously beautiful flowers have that suffix.

a little research would undoubtedly tell me why, but i'm about cross-eyed with sleepiness.

i love tradescantia because of those incredibly glowing almost neon-looking stamens. they are electric against the blue ground of my own. i like it that they reseed here and there.

i've been told that you can whack them back severely post-bloom and they'll bloom again in fall. it's never happened in my garden.