Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Summer Storms

I know I only have 13 more working days left but I honestly feel like I'm being pushed out of the office. Some of the signals:
  1. Friday I was almost bulldozed out of my cell - sorry cubicle, the one with the view of the Mall and Parliament Hill - and moved to a temporary position. To make way for one of the summer students!!!!
  2. Tuesday I found out that I had no voice-mail access and it took the entire morning to set up my computer system.
  3. Today I couldn't log onto one of the Confidential drives.
  4. A staff meeting is scheduled for next week and I've been told attendance is optional.

Well at least no one is hanging around asking what's happening with my chair and stapler. Though come to think of it I can't find my stapler!

Stormy skyline
One advantage to my new - temporary - cell is that I have a view of the Ottawa River. When the temperature starts climbing into the high 30s you can pretty much guarantee that a thunderstorm will be brewing in the Valley. This one today was pretty spectacular - lots of lightening strikes, high winds and that rather strange - and worrisome - funnel like cloud formation. We didn't get a drop of rain downtown but the Québec side had a pretty wild time of it.

Tomorrow we're doing a River cruise - the weatherman promises no thunderstorms, no clouds and a break in the heat. It's a "team" building exercise, I'm invited so I guess I'm still part of the "team."


laurent said...

You are too funny Mr.H.

BigAssBelle said...

poor little cupcake, confined to your cell with such a magnificent view. the cruise should be fun? no? sounds good to me, trapped as i am here in the foothills of the ozarks.

great photo . . . one of the grand things about western kansas, where i spent summers, is that it's almost entirely flat, so you can see these enormous black roiling wall clouds-o-doom with lightning flashes sweeping across the prairie. there's always the little thrill of fear that a tornado might leap out, but that clear division between storm and not-storm, between rain and not-rain, is such a strange thing.

are you just about to wet yourself with excitement over being free??

tater said...

I know it must be offputting to have to deal with being pushed aside after all your hard work. You must be a mixture of sadness and great expectations. I hope that your new start is as wonderful as you imagination can paint it. I am a tinge jealous of your adventure, and of little Reesie's too. I wish you and Laurent all the best Italy has to offer. You will still be posting, yes? I want lot's of beautiful photos!

more cowbell said...

Hey, sounds like my week at work. Except I don't have a window now. And we don't get T-storms here. Oh, and I'm not going to Italy.

Tater's so nice -- I'm Hella Jealous. Yeah, I can admit it. I'm pretty sure Batman is jealous of Reese, too.

So excited for you though!! And yes, pictures!

BigAssBelle said...

when is the wedding????