Sunday, June 10, 2007

The Reesie Report - II

Just a quick update on Reese: he's coming along, taking his anti-inflammatory medication, his antibiotics [unless he can carefully isolated it from its hiding place and delicately spit it on the floor] and behaving himself as always.

He's back to playing some of his favorite games such as:
  • here I lie abandoned; no one loves me, cares for me or pats me
  • that food doesn't really look very attractive in that blue dish perhaps if you hold it in your hand it'll be more appetizing [my mother was right presentation is everything]
  • if I whimpering pathetically and look towards the kitchen my dinner will be served earlier
Thanks to everyone for your thoughts, wishes, prayers and concern. You're an incredible group of people.

PS: Lynette, two things: How's dad doing? and what's billy up to?


BigAssBelle said...

you know, little reesie has the perfect eyes for "here i lie abandoned, no one cares" etc. perfect.

glad to hear that things are going well for your baby. billy used to take his medication in cheese, but in the last year, he's learned to deftly separate pill from cheese, swallow cheese and spit pill.

i have begun putting his pills in dog heroin (liverwurst) and he succumbs to my trickery and poses none of his own.

billy is doing well. papa is doing well. life is good. but then i've only been up about 5 minutes :-)

more cowbell said...

Yay again! Yes, really he could give "Puss" from the Shrek movies a run for his money with that eye thing he's got going on.

My dogs still fall for the cheese trick. Every damn time.

Anonymous said...

glad reesie's doing better ... and definitely he can still go to italia ... :)

dave smith

tater said...

Glad to hear Reesie is perking up! He has been on my mind, as have you. Hope everything continues to progress nicely.