Sunday, June 10, 2007

Come into the garden, Maud - III

The Japanese Iris
The Japanese Iris
A close up of the Japanese IrisThese Japanese Iris were part of Fred and Lori's purple-blue design. Again because I didn't split them last fall they are not blooming as profusely as in previous years.

My ThistleThis thistle sprang up early in the spring amongst the ferns and hostas by the house. I should have pulled it up then and now that it's grown I'm rather fond of it. So, like the random strawberry plants and the odd raspberry cane it will stay for now.

Strawberry edging And speaking of strawberry plants I find this a rather attractive edging for the deck. Who knows I may even get a few berries for my cereal one morning.


more cowbell said...

Gorgeous! Purple flowers are my favorite -- any kind. I moved into my house last fall, so this spring I'm finding out what was lurking under the ground, waiting to bloom. Unfortunately, I know nothing about gardening, so I did things like ripped up a bunch of bleeding hearts last fall, thinking they were tiny maple tree babies. (pathetic, I know.) I had bluebells come up -- they made me so happy.

I've a little purple and yellow mystery flower posted on my site -- maybe you'd know it?

I like seeing your gardening pics.

BigAssBelle said...

i LOVE these pics of your garden. everything looks so fresh and green. i also leave volunteers ~ sometimes even weedy volunteers ~ where they appear. thus we have a very tall Mexican Hat growing next to the driveway, right where a bird planted it. the squirrels and their endless tree planting are annoying, but in general, an unplanned extravaganza of green growing things is pretty cool. and berries for breakfast, right off your deck. perfect.