Thursday, June 14, 2007

Come Into the Garden, Maud - V

Clematis blossomThe clematis at the side of the family room has always been a heavy bloomer but the one on the deck has never once had so much as a bud. I hadn't realized they could be so temperamental.

Honeysuckle vine in bloom
Honeysuckle vine in bloomFour years ago the honeysuckle vine was a pathetic twig but this year has been its most spectacular - sort of imagine it in the next few years surrounding the door.

Barren peonyFor the first time neither of the peonies has a single bloom; by this time they should have been loaded down with ants, a few sticky buds and gigantic pink-white blooms. Maybe I should have divided them last fall?


more cowbell said...

You know how when you've never heard of a certain thing, then you learn about it, and right away you start hearing about it all over the place? I just saw some of these in a bouquet yesterday and asked the name, then here they were on your site. More purple! Mmm.

And you've been tagged. You're it.

BigAssBelle said...

i have clematis, too, that refuse to bloom, while others are covered with flowers. it seems to be the more dramatic varieties, the ones i most long for, that withhold. fuckers.

will you have a garden in rome?