Wednesday, June 20, 2007

A Little Noledge is a Dangrus Thing

Being a Canadian part of my national inferiority complex is to feel superior to our American cousins - and lets never forget we are cousins - when it comes to our system of education.

But my dear old Mom was right: the more puffed up you get the more air there is to knock out of you. After reading this little news item I am feeling somewhat less superior. My colleague Pauline blushingly admitted to being a graduate of Fredericton High School when it was a large institute - 1000 in her graduating class. But she assures me she does no how to speel.

I do feel bad for the staff of the yearbook. Though I'm sure computers make it easier, I recall what hard work it was putting one together.


Big Ass Belle said...

i am completely shocked. i find myself making lots of similar errors with all of the typing i do. as i age, my brain and fingers can't always manage to distinguish between there and they're and their (and similar). but my brain KNOWS the distinction, it just doesn't transfer to my fingers. i would hope that would be the case here as well, but how it escaped proofreaders is beyond me. or spell check. sigh. i am becoming such a luddite.

more cowbell said...

I assure you, your American cousins are right there with 'em. My daughter just brought home her yearbook last week -- horrible! I mean, this was ridiculous. There were so many misspellings it was shameful. Where are the proofreaders?

I see your liturature, and raise you acadmics. (granted, that one could've been a typo.)

As for "principle", didn't they ever learn that the princiPAL is your pal?

tater said...

I'm just like lynette, full of disconnect, even though I know the rules and the spelling, my brain farts and the fingers take over. It is extremely embarrassing at times.