Tuesday, June 19, 2007

We'll Build a Highway to Paradise

The boys over at the Holy See must be thinking of me these days. Honestly! They heard I was a concerned about driving in Rome. Why else would they have come out with Guidlines for the Pastoral Care of the Road? I feel safer now, knowing how much attention Italians pay to Papal edicts.

And beside, they knew I was looking for an excuse to post a video of Rufus on the blog.


more cowbell said...

Saw this on the news last night. The "10 car commandments" were kind of vague, I thought.

So, I'm assuming this applies to the Pope Mobile? And I'm sorry, but how 'bout putting out an official Guidelines for Pastoral Care of Keeping Your Damn Robe Shut Around the Alter Boys"? I'd venture to say that would be a welcome commanding document regarding some of The Brethren out there.

Well, not being of the Catholic persuasion, my road rage is still firmly in place.

Big Ass Belle said...

haha!! i heard this on NPR this morning and thought of you :-)

rodger said...

A good thing I wasn't raised Catholic. I would have had to spend the next month in confession over #5.

Until I was old enough to get into the bars, cruising the parking lot was my best option. Well...that and the bathhouse.