Friday, July 06, 2007

Video - Women In Films

Once again Eggman913 has worked his video magic. Some of the images fly by so quickly I found I was thinking: Oh that's.... what's-her-name.... was in..... Of course it may have more to do with my fading memory than video speed.

What's that line from Sunset Boulevard (the movie not the Andrew Lloyd Webber crap?)

We had faces!

They sure as hell did!

ADDENDUM: Did I just miss it or is Bette Davis missing from this montage? (July 7, 2007)
ADDENDOM TO THE ADDENDUM: Red7Eric tells me that Miss Davis is indeed there - in her blond days. (July 9, 2007)


Anonymous said...

Barbara Stanwick was just dreamy. Beautiful video and soundtrack. Thoroughly enjoyed this!

Anonymous said...

wow! that is absolutely gorgeous. i think we are all, every one of us, individually beautiful and that's what i really kept seeing in the variation in those lovely faces. just lovely. thank you.

Anonymous said...

You have been awarded the Thinking Blogger Award, see my blog for details.

Red Seven said...

Lovely. I might have to put that on my blog tomorrow, just 'cuz. And no, Bette Davis was there, but she was blonde ... by my count, she's the tenth face in the montage.

Hi, I feel like the gayest man in the universe right now.

(And as long as we're there, a still from Liza Minnelli from the Cabaret days would have been nice ...)

evilganome said...

Eric is right. The photo of Bette must date back to around the time of "Of Human Bondage". This really is a great montage. Ah, all those memories of the late movies on TV.