Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Proudly American-Canadian

Reese, One Proud American
I'm not the only one with dual citizenship around here: Reese was born in Crystal Lake, Illinois. We were living in Chicago at the time and he found us through a kennel in the area - as I mentioned in an earlier post we realize now that it was a puppy mill despite its AKA membership. And he's an American boy through and through - in fact for a mid-west guy he's got one hell of a California attitude. You know: I don't really have to do anything 'cause I'm gorgeous!

He and I want to wish all of our American friends and family (Sophie & Andrew, Yvette, Stephane & Sparkles 2) a great Glorious 4th! We'll be watching the fireworks on PBS.


evilganome said...

Not only dual citizenship, but handsome too. It just never stops!

more cowbell said...

And a fine American he is, with his Stars & Stripes and dashing good looks. He looks like quite the young pup here.

tater said...

I never knew you lived in my neck of the woods! I'm proud to know Reesie comes from a fine part of the World. if not from a good breeder (one would never know by his good looks and winning personality).

lynette said...

oh my GOODNESS!!! that reesie is such a handsome, sweet, precious little boy. i love him long distance! what an expression! and his little curls! those eyes! little angel boy, sweet puppy. is he getting excited about the trip?