Saturday, July 14, 2007

The Real Soph

Given the number of times Sophie Tucker sang "Some of These Days" on Ed Sullivan and The Hollywood Palace I'm surprised that there isn't a clip on YouTube. Most of what is there appears to be come from British Pathé during the period when she was the toast of London. Sadly, giving real meaning to Sic Transit Gloria, one of the clip comments refers to Bette Midler playing "some character called Sophie Tucker."

The little known "Only the Right Man Can Do Me Wrong" shows what a great vocalist and entertainer she was. What it does not show is her warm character and giving nature. Bette Midler use to say she was the only woman who could tell you to "kiss my tocass and plant a tree in Israel" in the same breath. And sell trees for the new born State of Israel she did -on some Kibbutz is a tree my Uncle and Aunt paid for between sets at the old Palace Pier in Toronto. They weren't Jewish and they weren't particularly political but I guess when Soph sat there and asked you to plant a tree in Israel... you planted a tree in Israel!

The Virtual Museum of the City of San Fransisco has a page devoted to Miss Tucker and Some of These Days including a great version with Ted Lewis and his Band - the instrumental alone could blow you away. And a 51 second clip of a number called "What'll You Do" which shows exactly why she was called "The Last of the Red Hot Mamas!"


evilganome said...

...and so my boyfriend Ernie says to me, he says Soph... god I loved her. There were so many greats from that era. It's sad to think that there is a whole generation of young gay boys with no idea of who Bea Lillie, Hermione Gingold, and all of the other funny ladies are. I doubt most of them even know who Mae West is. Too bad!

tater said...

Thanks for this!