Thursday, July 05, 2007

Mom! It's Not Fair!

My blogger buddies BigAssBelleand Red7Eric both got NC17 and I only got a PG - its not fair!

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It appears my use of the words: "ass," "gay" and "hell" make me unsuitable for tots to view unless mom and dad approve of that sort of thing.

Maybe I should be running the voice over they put on before Law and Order SVU or Family Guy in the early evening:

Parts of this programme may be unsuitable for younger audiences. Parental Discretion is Advised.


Anonymous said...

Mine was PG13... (Parents Strongly Cautioned)

more cowbell said...

But the green is such a pretty color. I'm NC-17. I am, clearly, up to no good.

Sailor said...

Sorry Captain,

The PG13 was me. I'm in Sweden now, and blogspot detected it and set the language on the buttons to Swedish...


tater said...

Don't make swear like a trucker on your site as well...

I would say you at least deserve a soft R.


lynette said...

oh shit oh dear!
how fucking awful!
what are the motherfuckers thinking??
i'd say "stupid cocksuckers" but that doesn't really work, eh?

my brain is not working or i'd surely be able to come up with a little more highly rated words for you. :-)

Willym said...

Thanks Lynette - I knew you'd come through. Let the bastards just try and give me another PG! I'll show them I'm in with the big boys ... er.. girls.... ok players (its fine to be foul mouthed but you still have to be politically correct.)

Red7Eric said...

Ha ha ha. I thought I had a G-rated blog. Imagine my surprise when I learned that children weren't even allowed inside, all because I said "gay" 24 times. Stupid homophobic fuckers.