Sunday, July 15, 2007

BBF - Best Buds Forever

Our friends Bev and Kevin, they're really more than friends - more like family, have always been adventurous. She's currently working with the UN in Kabul - this after several stints in Darfur with CARE over the past three years. And Kev is currently posted in Sri Lanka doing security work involving Tamil Tigers. Even their idea of what constitutes a vacation can be a little out of the ordinary - paddling down the Zambezi for example.

Bev has some wonderful photos on her blog, Travels with Bev, which give a different perspective on life in Afganistan. She sent along this picture that her colleague Douglas Hageman, the Operations Manager for UNDP, took earlier in the week. I've included Douglas' comment that came with the photo.

Best Buds Forever - Kabul - July 2007
"Took this picture yesterday--These two kids were just chumming along seeming without a care in the world.

I think you can find happiness anywhere--but it probably helps to be 5 years old."


more cowbell said...

Et tu, Willym?

that's a gorgeous photograph. [sniffs, rushes from room ...]

tater said...

Touching photo, and reminds me that even in times of upheaval and destruction, life still has it's childlike sense of wonder. Thanks for this image, it's beautiful!

BigAssBelle said...

what a remarkable photo and his comments are particularly poignant. i wonder what would happen if we could magically freeze ~ for maybe 6 months or so ~ every power mad participant in every government and church worldwide? would we all put our arms around each other and just live? or would new dictators rise up? my eternally optimistic core says our humanity would prevail. photos like this one give me hope.

Doralong said...

Being 5 years old always helps..

In spite of the lunacy of the world, how many little people in the last few hundred years have managed to press on and indeed thrive in spite of the insanity that has gone on around them? Whenever I feel no hope- I talk to a little person or two, it helps refocus the picture.