Saturday, July 28, 2007

On the Move

I’m a little bit late with this post – I started it as we watched the movers manhandle our things into their truck.

Boxes, everywhere boxes Our lives all packed up

July 25 - Yesterday the packers where in and much of what we own was put into boxes for shipment or bubble wrapped for storage. It’s an odd feeling seeing you life being stored away and it also makes you very aware of how much stuff you accumulate over a life time. Correction – how much needless stuff you accumulate over a life time. Ideally much of the stuff could have been sold on E-bay (like the 1836 feathered mahogany armoire) or at the Great Glebe Garage Sale (all those damned vases and knick-knacks.) However time, events and indolence put an end to those sorts of plans.

Last night we moved to our friend Don’s – a bit of a shock for poor Reese who desperately kept trying to get back into the house as we were leaving. Last night was not the most comfortable one – and not because of being in what will be the first of a few strange beds over the next few days. Both of us tossed and turned – things going over in our mind – things done, things left undone. Even Reesie gave the odd bark during the night – very strange for him.

Crew leader taking stock of the shipment
Out the front door
Up the ramp

When I moved to Ottawa everything I owned fit in a passenger van!

Moving the armoire The middle unit of the armoire starts its disastrous journey.

Today is the actually move out – so far one major incident involving the middle unit of the - wouldn't you know it - armoire. Other than that things seem to be going smoothly. Of course the unpacking in Rome will be the proof of how well things actually did.

All the furniture has gone into long-term storage however with books, cds, kitchen things, china, clothing et al we figure the shipment weighs in at around 2200 kilos (4840 lbs) give or take a few kilos. I really should have partied more and read and listen less.

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more cowbell said...

ohgawd, the international move. It's a bitch. It is kind of a weird feeling, seeing your life pushed into boxes, and your house emptying. How long until your stuff arrives? Do you get a little shipment that arrives before, with the essentials? That's smart doing the storage.

Poor Reese -- they don't understand. When we moved house last August (just across town) Batman was really freaked out by the packing. Makes me wonder if he got "lost" in a move?