Thursday, March 13, 2008

Psiri Signs

According to Matt Barrett's Greece Survival Guide – our source for all things about Greece – Psiri, the area just north of the Acropolis and the Agora is becoming the new Plaka. Shops, eateries and bars are setting up in the area and it is the new place to be in Athens.

Certainly the art of the shop sign is still being practiced along the various narrow streets and alley ways. Lettering is normally in Greek but normally the picture will tell you what the craft or speciality is. Though I must admit in a few cases here I’m totally mystified. (Scroll over a picture for a title.)

String Instrument MakerGift Wrapping and PackagesA restaurantA children's Store???A Worry bead makerNot really sure but its a lovely signA restaurant?

13 marzo - Santa Patrizia


sageweb said...

I love the fact that you named each picture. How cute are you...

evilganome said...

For some reason, scrolling over isn't working for me, so I am in the words of Anna Russell, as befuddled as before. However, it's pretty entertaining trying to parse out what each sign is for.

SubtleKnife said...

If you look at the one before last of the lady with the red robe, it says (transcribed) on the left: mousik.

My trouble is that I remember the alphabet from classical Greek, but I don't know any of these words...

Doralong said...

The roll over isn't working- but that could be one of those Bill Gates hates us Mac folk things..

Hope you're both having a brilliant holiday darling- enjoy! Hugs to Laurent and take loads of wonderful snaps for us! And take it easy on the grappa..

Elizabeth said...

Not working for me either. But I love the signs. here's my own stab at what they're selling.
#1.bull heads, broken columns, and ?WTF?
#2. Presents
#3. Fish
#4. Kids who can't spell "Ohio."
#5. Poorly strung necklaces and rosaries.
#6. The Virgin Mary
#7. Cups with flags in them and stuff on a weird tray!

World traveller here, signing off!

Bev said...

I too am suffering from the Bill Gates hates Mac User syndrome. However, this makes it all rather fun. For number 5: droopy sausages? Oh, dear. I think I've been in Afghanistan too long...

sageweb said...

Well Doralong is right the scroll thing doesn't work on my mac but it does on my pc...and my the second from the bottom..."not really sure what it is but a lovely sign" Hee hee that was cute.

Tater said...

Beautiful images, even if I can't read the signs of get the scroll over to work. Hope you are having a great time!

Sling said...

Ha!..Elizabeth came pretty darn close. :)
Scroll over works fine for me.
Lovely artwork.

Parsifal said...

Ok, let me help you with this:
1. An instrument maker
2. A box maker (who is called Menelaos, i suppose there must also be an Agamemnon around)
3. Just a bar
4. Just a bar (and a very trendy bar indeed).
5. A place where you can buy a kompoloi (its a string with little balls on it that you play in your hands, i know what you 're thinking, no!!! nothing sexual!!!).
6. A taverna with live music
7. A taverna without live music