Friday, March 28, 2008


As election day (April 13) draws near posters are being slapped up all over town. The supporters of the far-far-right Forza Nouva where perhaps a little too eager to get their message out when they put up these posters on top of a lingerie ad but...

And their message:

An Italy without outsiders*
It can be done.

Again I am not going to comment one way or another on the political situation here but that slogan does raise some interesting questions. Such as who then would work the dairy farms, man the clothing factories, clean the houses, toil as live-in caregivers for Nonna and Nonno when the family is too dispersed to do so or for that matter who would pose for the lingerie ads? I'm sure they have answers.

*A more accurate translation of extracomunitari would be "immigrants from outside the EU" - given the normal message from FN this suggests a new tolerance of former East Block peoples who are now part of the EU. Strano. Molto strano.

28 marzo - San Sesto Papa


more cowbell said...

Maybe they could build a wall, like Berlin or Texas.

BigAssBelle said...

i fear that the message is the same as here: no shades darker than cream. such a world :(