Sunday, March 16, 2008

Psiri Signs II

For all my Mac friends and those of us who admired those marvelous signs but were totally confused by them, my blog buddy Parsi helped out by sending this comment:

Ok, let me help you with this:
1. An instrument maker
2. A box maker (who is called Menelaos, I suppose there must also be an Agamemnon around)
3. Just a bar
4. Just a bar (and a very trendy bar indeed).
5. A place where you can buy a kompoloi (its a string with little balls on it that you play in your hands, I know what you 're thinking, no!!! nothing sexual!!!).
6. A taverna with live music
7. A taverna without live music

As to number 5 I'm shocked he would even think that such thoughts would cross our minds. And Elizabeth, close but no cigar. Hmm I wonder what a cigar makers sign would look like?

16 marzo - Delle Palme

1 comment:

Elizabeth said...

In Greece, I'm guessing it wouldn't have a simple picture of a cigar on it....

Anyway, I like my list better. A Trendy bar, indeed! The kid still can't spell "Ohio."