Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Pretty Yellow Things

Well I finished the David Hewson book - The Seventh Sacrament - last night in a marathon "I've got insomnia so I might as well read" session. He's a damned good read and because its set in Rome I have a fairly good idea of the geography of the action.

On the medical front there were a few more tests today with negative results but tonight started the English salts segment in preparation for the Endoscopes tomorrow - and it ain't been fun. So because my snow bound friends in North American need a little cheering up, a few of my blog buddies are in need of a bit of colour and I have to keep what's left of my mind occupied - here's a Spring Windows display from one of the local bakery-candy shops just down the street from us.

Store window - yellow flowers
Store window - yellow flowers
Store windows - yellow flowers
Store windows - yellow flowers
Store windows - yellow flowers
Hidden somewhere in amongst all that yellow are bonbons, Easter eggs and all sorts of goodies. I feel better already.

04 marzo - San Casmiro


Sling said...

What a guy!
Thinkin' about your North American friends when you're not feeling 100%. :)

evilganome said...

Poor Willym! I'm sorry to hear that things aren't as they should be. You have my deepest sympathy on the "prep". I have had a couple of colonscopys and the dose of salts beforehand is the worst part. Okay, then there is getting rid of all the excess air afterwards, but that's a whole other thing. Best of luck. Fingers crossed on this side of the Atlantic.

Doralong said...

see, I made you laugh (OK I guess I shouldn't have since it hurt) and you made me smile.. It's all going to be fine.

Anonymous said...

Oh those make me so happy!