Monday, March 03, 2008

Lunedi Lunacy

The inspired madness of Beyond The Fringe (1964) let lose on the world a foursome of talented men: Comedian-Actor-Pianist Dudley Moore, Comedian-Actor Peter Cook, Director-Writer Jonathan Miller and Playwright-Author-Actor Alan Bennett.

This has always been one of my favorites: Bennett is spot on. Though they were, god help us, often 4 times as long, I endured sermons like this during my years as a member of the Anglican Communion.

3 marzo - Santa Cunegonda


evilganome said...

"Stuff this for a lark!" Oh the interminable Sunday sermon. I remember it well. If only he managed the droning monotone of Father Connor. Thanks Will, you started my Monday off with a good laugh.

Anonymous said...

Oh but you do manage to make me laugh out loud. My childhood was spent listening to the sermons of Father Fortin and then Father Winter (both of whom eventually left the priesthood), but the memory comes through loud and clear! Bev

Parsifal said...

hi Willy! A friend of mine has 2 extra tickets for the premiere of the Italiana in Athens but they re a bit pricy (80euro each). I'm gonna be there too and guess what, post-performance reception included...!

sageweb said...

I love that I can come over here and get a great laugh on Monday Morning. You make me smile...and today laugh.