Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Mercoledi Musciale

I consider it lucky that I grew up in a household where we listened to Opera on Saturdays - Metropolitan Opera in the afternoon and Grand Ole on Saturday night. My brother played the banjo and sang Pete Seeger and I sang in the church choir - first as a boy soprano then as a wayward tenor. It wasn't that we were a musical family - hell I never could read music worth a damn, ask the other tenors - just that music was part of what we listened to. As a result my musical taste is fairly catholic in nature, if leaning heavily towards the vocal. Any sort of vocal - opera, leider, gospel, jazz, pop, country, bluegrass....

This combination of bluegrass and gospel had me wanting to clap along and maybe even call out a few "Praise the Lords." And the guy on the electric guitar damn near sets the place on fire.

Though they may look like they're dressed for the Republican Convention the Cumberland Trio were part of the folk scene in the 1960s.

26 marzo - Sant'Emanuele


Doralong said...

That'll make you feel the spirit now won't it?

sageweb said...

Glory Glory...I never did see the light. But that is definately the music I grew up with. I think I know all the words to that song.

BigAssBelle said...

when i was a bitty girl, we also spent saturday afternoons listening to opera on the radio. my father talks about the first time he heard classical over the radio on the dusty plains of western kansas. it still brings tears to his eyes. it was the most amazing thing he had ever heard and it touched him so. the broadcasts came from Carnegie Hall in NYC and he tells the story that he thought he'd actually die and go to heaven if he could ~ just once ~ hear a live concert. happily, his brilliance and affinity for chemistry took him off that isolated wheat farm and in the process of his work, he was able to attend concerts at Carnegie Hall many, many times. wonderful.

i love this music! love it!!! it just speaks to me somehow. beautiful.

have you heard anything by the blind boys of alabama?