Monday, March 17, 2008

Tenacity x3

Yellow flower poking out of a metal staircase
Thousands of people walk up this metal staircase on the Aeropagas at the Acropolis every day - but this little piece of green and yellow seems to be stronger than they are.

Growing in a crevice
A crevice in a rock on the Acropolis that holds a few grains of earth and catches small pools of water is all this lovely little flower seems to need.

Nature takes hold in the ancient. On a windswept promontory on the Aegean at Cape Sounion this plant took root in the ancient stones of the Temple of Poseidon.

17 marzo - San Patrizio


sageweb said...

I love how you observe and notice, I have been to the Acropolis twice and have never thought about looking at the plant life, it is a hidden beauty.

Doralong said...

You always see the good- everywhere. Which is why you are so very dear to me..

evilganome said...

These are lovely. I think this is why I love gardening so much. You can struggle to get plants to grow and fail, and then run across a weed forcing it's way through the crack in the sidewalk.

The tenacity of life is amazing. And the photos are really a wonderful record of what life can do, even in the harshest circumstance.

more cowbell said...

Love these! especially the purple spray.