Thursday, November 13, 2008

Teatro I

I've mentioned in previous posts that we live close to Villa Torlonia - the former residence of Benito Mussolini - and how lovely the gardens and buildings are. After many years of neglect a great deal of money and effort is being put into restoring it. Just recently restoration work began on the Turkish pavilion - a wonder of elaborate ironwork and tile that will be splendid when it is completed.

When we arrived a year August past work had just begun on the Teatro and the broken glass, crumbling columns and stucco was still very much in evidence. I remember there was also the smell of decay and rot about the place and it just wasn't possible to imagine what could be done with it.Teatro a Villa Torlonia beforeA little over a year later - early October - a good deal of the work has been completed. The target date is summer of next year and when its finished it's certainly going to be the jewel of the park.Teatro at Villa Torlonia after

13 novembre - Sant'Omobono di Cremona

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evilganome said...

I remember your post about this! I can hardly wait to see it in all it's restored glory.