Monday, November 17, 2008

I'm It

Cover - Gielgud's Letters My friend - or at least I thought she was my friend - Lorraine got tagged by her friend Lorene. Okay got that Lorraine was tagged by Lorene, now Lorraine decided to be school yard bully and tag me and when I tell my mom she's going to get such a smack.

Anyway here's the game. Open the book nearest your computer (and be honest not something artsy-fartsy so you can impress everyone) turn to page 56. Post the 5th sentence in italics - I've added that bit - plus one or two before and thereafter for context.

As I've already explained to Lorraine the nearest book was Gielgud's Letters - the collected letters of Sir John Gielgud - yeah so I'm naturally artsy-fartsy okay! I turned to page 56 but pages 55-56 are chapter separators: Page 55 says The War Years and page 56 is blank. So I picked up the next book that was sitting on the sofa: Georgina Masson's The Companion Guide to Rome - god I guess I really am artsy-fartsy! And page 56 line 5 yield up this gem:
The Arch of Titus stands on top of the Velia, a spur of the Palatine that juts out towards the Esquiline, closing the Forum valley at its south-eastern end. It is a superb site, and the view from the arch was for centuries a favorite subject of the vedutisti, the painters of small view of Rome, whose work was eagerly bought as souvenirs by the Grand Tourists.The arch, erected in AD 81 to commemorate the capture of Jerusalem eleven years before, in medieval times was called the "Arch of the Seven Lamps" from the relief representing the spoils of the temple, including the seven branched candlestick. The silver trumpets with which Joshua brought down the walls of Jericho and the golden table of the shewbread are also shown.
Masson's a bit baroque in her language but its one of the best guides to Rome around and a damned good read to boot.

Now I get to be schoolyard bully and I'm going to tag: Dora, Tate, Tony, Subtle Knife (yes I know she's moving but she installed her PC herself and I'm sure the books were the second thing she unpacked so ...) and if Sage hasn't done it already Sling.

18 novembre - Santa Matilde di Hackeborn


Doralong said...

You're just trying to get me to post something that's not whining, right??

Anonymous said...

I like the article!
I want to link your blog!
please give me a link on yout blog !
thank you!

Sling said...

Okay,..but I guarantee it ain't gonna be as classy as yours.

sageweb said...

ha..i was already tagged by Lorraine...I will do it soon. I am sure Subtle knife had a book near by.

SubtleKnife said...

What are you lot insinuating? Do you think I'm some internet-addicted bibliophile or something?

Actually, the closest book is a King James Bible, this could be funny!

Anonymous said...

Glad I don't have a blog - all of my books are either murder mysteries or genealogy!

SubtleKnife said...

Oxen! I got lots of oxen killing people.

Lorraine said...

Oh my got a passage with shewbread...that so rocks.

Thank you for playing. Please don't smack me.

Elizabeth said...

As ever, my dear, you are the most incredibly classy and cultured guy in cyberspace! It's a good thing you didn't tag me because no matter where I am in the house, the book next to me is almost certain to be a kids book.

more cowbell said...

Ditto Elizabeth. (didn't I just say that somewhere else out in cyberspace?) We love our artsy-fartsy man about Rome.