Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Chimney Birds

I was a bit startled when I took a quick first glance out the balcony window of our room at Xenonas Iresioni in Arachova. What the hell were all those birds doing perched on top of the chimneys?Chimney topsA closer look and I realized that they were chimney pots designed to rotate with the changing winds. A good idea in a place like Arachova where winds can, and did on Saturday, reach tree toppling force.
Chimney potStylized chimney potsChimney potsThese stylized birds may not be the traditional chimney pot but serve the same purpose: stopping down drafts, debris and real birds from entering the chimney.
Hawk potThe odd one had a more hawk-like aspect which no doubt kept the other birds at bay most effectively.

25 novembre - Santa Caterina d'Alessandria


sageweb said...

What beautiful scenary for those fake birds to enjoy everyday.

Doralong said...

Actually, I think they're quite attractive myself.

flipstinger said...

hahah i could just imagine you shaking your head in disbelief and asking Laurent "what the hell are those?"

i'm sure the morning coffee helped afterwards.... =)

Anonymous said...

I think they're quite attractive

more cowbell said...

I like them. At our local Albertson's (big cheap grocery store) they have fake owls up on the store sign. I guess to keep pigeons from crapping down the face of Albertsons.