Thursday, November 13, 2008

Strano... Molto Strano

I switched over to Firefox this week because I was continually having problems with IE. Everything has been going along swimmingly - a few sites seem to download slower but they are the exception. Then suddenly tonight I can't get into anybody's blog - or at least none hosted by Blogger.

I keep being told that "your query looks similar to automated requests from a computer virus or spyware application. To protect our users, we can't process your request right now." I followed their instructions to remove the Google cookie but all that did was restrict me from entering in to my own dashboard. I found a way around that but still can't read get access to any of my blog buddies postings for today.

Just wondering if anyone else has had that problem and what the heck can be done about it?

Well I don't believe this but I can't even access my own blog from the View Blog button on the dashboard. This is getting frustrating and if its what happens with Firefox ...

Updated Update:
A good nights sleep for everyone and things are back to normal - apparantly I no longer look similar to anything nasty or unsavoury. Though a quick glance in the mirror first thing this morning may refute that.

13 novembre - Sant'Omobono di Cremona


sageweb said...

I have problems from time to time with IE but never with firefox...I use safari at home...did you try google Chrome?

Anonymous said...

The Google/blogspot problems may be unrelated to the browser.

evilganome said...

I have had problems with Google and with blogspot. Firefox on the other hand has by and large been very reliable. Occasionally, some of the upgrades have created issues, but they are usually pretty quick to get fixes out.

Blogger on the other hand.....

I am sure you never look disreputable. Or if you do, it's in a good way, if you catch my drift.

Sling said...

I agree that it was probably a google/blogger case of indigestion.
I use Avant browser,and never have had a problem.

Tater said...

I don't know, firefox really screwed with my computer too. I switched back to Safari and had no problems. It happened after an update from firefox, so I am guessing they still needed to work a few kinks out.