Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Mercoledi Musicale

Maddy Prior is one of those voices you either love or hate, there's no way you can be indifferent. Me - well I love that nasal wail whither it be, as in this clip, folk rock, her incredible tribute to the hymns of Charles Wesley or her great Christmas stuff. She's been the member of several groups - here Steeleye Span, The Carnival Band - as well as a solo performer. I noticed that she and the Carnival Band are doing their Carols and Capers Christmas concert throughout England... hmmm may just have to check and see if Ryanair is offering one of the 1 cent airfares.

05 novembre - Beato Guido Maria Conforti

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evilganome said...

I was actually a fan of Steeleye Span back in the day. I'm still a fan of Richard Thompson.

I will have to check out Carnival Band. Thanks, Will.