Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Mercoledi Musicale

The magnificant Miriam Makeba died here in Italy earlier this week. She collapsed as she left the stage at a concert in support of author Roberto Saviano, who has received death threats from the Camorra because of his book Gomorrah. The rally was also to combat the racial violence that has exploded in areas around Napoli in recent months.

When I've Passed On is not the sort of number most people associate with her but she was a singer of many colours and many voices - this was one of them.

Thanks to Duncazibar at YouTube for posting this little heard number.

I saw her live once back in the '60s when she toured with Harry Belafonte. And I played their An Evening with Belafonte/Makeba album until there were no groves left. I was searching for Ndodemnyama - my favorite song from the album - but couldn't find it so had to settle for Khawuleza. Which is just fine with me.

And thanks to stillsmallvoice for this post on YouTube.

12 novembre - San Giovanni Kuncewycz


Elizabeth said...

Thanks for posting these. What an amazing instrument her voice was! Khawuleza gave me goose bumps.

sageweb said...

This is a tragic loss...her voice is amazing!

Sling said...

Khawuleza is so hauntingly beautiful!
Such a brilliant voice.

flipstinger said...

very soulful!

she had a voice so pure with every note coming out of her being and using her talent as a powerful mean of communication!