Tuesday, November 04, 2008


I haven't posted anything here about today's U.S. election because I feel that it is not my place as an outsider. That hasn't stopped me from commenting on many friends' blogs but here I'd rather not talk politics - American or Italian. However, and you knew there had to be a however, I overheard a conversation here that had me doing that strange pumping motion with a clenched fist and mutter "Yes!" under my breath.

When we went to the Scavi last week we were in line between a group of older people, including a few priests and a very well dressed woman - expensive wool suit and white blouse with a string of very good pearls - of a certain age, and a group of students, most wearing sweat shirts proclaiming the University of Ohio as their Alma Mater.

Well-dressed Lady: (to a slightly hungover young lady from the Group) So where are you from?

Slightly Hungover Young Lady: (Duh! look on her face) Ohio

WDL: We're from Florida - we're the states that count next week. I hope you're going to vote?

SHOYL: I voted before I left home.

WDL: Well I hope you voted the way a good Catholic should.

SHOYL: I'm a Protestant.

Pumping motion - muttered affirmative.

04 novembre - San Carlo Borromeo


Doralong said...

Priceless, absolutely priceless..

sageweb said...

I am a very hungover girl this morning!

more cowbell said...

Oh Willym, the image of you doing a Yes We Can fist pump for Obama fills my heart with joy.

And from another Ohio girl, I hope that lady of a certain age was pleased with Ohio pulling out a big fat BLUE this time.