Monday, November 10, 2008

Post Its

I am always fascinated by the political posters that appear almost overnight in response to what's happening here in Italy and the world.

Though Walter Veltroni and his PD (Parti Democratico) lost the recent election they have not been behaving like a defeated party. Posters are constantly showing up addressing problems and concerns that they may not be able to raise in Parliament but can bring to the streets.

The problem of the environment and particularly air polution in Roma is highlighted in this one:
SOS Environment
A number to call in Roma
Tell us about environmental problems you see and tell us your solution.
Environmental Poster
And this poster has appeared on the streets yesterday. Not to be out done the Azione Giovani - a very right wing youth organization - remind Mr Veltroni that he lost. Barak Obama is in a position to effect change - Veltroni is definately not! A very sophisticated way of giving him the raspberry.
Obama Yes - Veltroni No

10 novembre - San Leone Magno


sageweb said...

I love the bottom one. Very cool.

Sling said...

That the election of Obama can have such a positive effect on other parts of the world,is an endless source of pride for me!