Thursday, November 08, 2007

You Shall Go to the Bolle Cinderella

Well I was expecting the Roberto Bolle Gala at the Teatro dell'Opera to be sold out within minutes of tickets going online but the listing still hasn't appeared as of noon today. As I was heading to Centro to get my hair cut - when you find a "barbiere di qualita" who can do something with what's left of my hair you stay with him not matter the distance - I dropped in at the Box Office and was able to pick up extremely good seats about an hour after sales had opened. I'm not sure why its not selling out given the amount of publicity our boy Bobby is getting these days but it could be the high (for Rome) price of tickets.

Thought I would just post this video of a scene from Excelsior with Bolle (fully dressed for a change)mostly because of its kitsch value. This was the great hit in the 1880s and celebrates the progress of the 19th into the 20th century: Electricity, light, the telegraph, the steam engine, the Brooklyn Bridge(!!!), tunnels linking France and Italy, the Suez Canal are all recreated in a series of tableaux. It's been referred to as Le Cosaire meets H.G. Wells and it looks like great fun. Its in the repetorie of La Scala and I'm just hoping they revive it sometime in the next four years.

08 novembre - San Goffredo


Doralong said...

I weep..

I'm just not sure if it's joy for you, or insane jealousy on my part. OK, so it's both.

I will naturally expect a complete recap of the event promptly the following morning.

tater said...

To see is to understand your attraction. What a hunk, and the dancing, exquisite!

Anonymous said...

(clap clap clap) My head is spinning!

Blake said...

I wanna come to Rome! What a smörgåsbord of culture. Here in Ottawa we are going to get Mama Mia at Christmas.

Willym said...

Believe me I will be posting after the event - I've been waiting to see him dance live for 8 years, ever since he first partnered Darcy Bussell and the Times wrote an article.

Come on Blakie - there's a spare bed and Reese would love to see his Uncle Pervy. And actually Momma Mia is a great deal of fun and also what theatre is all about - and you know that!

BigAssBelle said...

i wish i could say something very high minded, something which would indicate that i am cultured and sophisticated. alas, i can only say this: i like his tights.