Saturday, November 10, 2007

Parma - Centro Storico

The Palazzo Pilotta was built for the Farnese family in the 16th century, it was rebuilt in the 20th after bombs destroyed much of the structure in WWII. It contains two museums and the Farnese Theatre - again no time to visit particularly the incredible wooden reconstruction of Palladio's theatre. So there will have to be a next time.Palazzo PilottaPalazzo Pilotta ArcadePalazzo PilottaTea ServiceVerdi MemorialPalazzo PilottaMemorial to the Resistance FightersAcross the parkAmerican Aboriginal Musicians
Teatro ReggioThe Piazzale Pilotta is a large green space bounded by the Palazzo, shops, arcades and the Teatro Reggio (looking the way an Italian opera house should unlike the Fascist pile in Rome.) Some intriguing modern art pieces share the space with monuments to Verdi and the Resistance Fighters of the Risorgimento. Its a very communal spot with buskers (the American Aboriginal musicians drew a large if slightly bemused crowd more use to Peruvian flute players,)street merchants, strollers, shoppers and loiterers - very much the centre of town.

(photos taken) 27 ottobre - San Fiorenzo e 28 ottobre - SS Simone e Guida


Doralong said...

OK, what's up with the native americans? Because they do indeed appear to be precisely that...

Willym said...

I know very strange isn't it? I was really taken aback - they were performing very modern takes on chants and traditional music. The spectators were both intriqued and perplexed. And that may not have worked in their favour as the donations were not exactly flooding in.