Sunday, November 25, 2007

Gratuitous Puppy Pictures

Reese takes the veilThough as I mentioned in a comment to RG over at Dulce y Peligroso, there is not such thing as a gratuitous Pet Picture.

Like most daschies Reese loves to burrow when he sleeps and that damned collar has made it very difficult. Bedtime the last few nights has been accompanied by as much noise as 8k dog with a plastic thingy around its neck can make before finding the right position - and of course that position must be changed three or four times during the night. Or better yet just to punish the bastard who attached that bloody thing - and who sleeps very light - wander around the apartment in the dark, bumping into furniture and walls, before settling down in a new location.

Close up of Reese veiled
I took the collar off for a while this morning and he immediately burrowed under his blanket. At one point he came up for air and to give me a disgusted look when he saw the camera.

Sadly there are a fair number of stray dogs roaming the streets of Rome. Often when an animal gets sick the owner will simply turn it loose rather than seek expensive veterinarian care. Since late August there has been a lovely looking black dog - I'm bad at identifying breeds - roaming the area - Laurent saw him near his office a few times, we've seen him down by the train station and every so often near our complex. He isn't aggressive and seems almost apologetic for being here - I know Walt Disney emotions - and today soaked with rain he looked incredibly sad. I want to do something but not sure what.

25 novembre - Santa Caterina d'Alexandria


Doralong said...

Aww, look at the little darling..

Do they have animal shelters there? Perhaps your nice vet knows of a rescue operation for homeless doggies?

evilganome said...

Reese has got the whole "Ain't I just too cute" thing down.

There are a few stray cats in my neighborhood, but no dogs. Though, how my parents got their last German Shepard, through my good offices is a story for my blog.

Willym said...

D: There are dog sanctuaries - much as there are the cat santuaries I mentioned in a previous post - but they are greatly under-funded though there is an interesting probect by the Commune di Roma where left over food from school cafeterias is turned into dog food for the shelters. I am going to check with the vet to see who you contact. But I have a feeling this poor guy has been treated so badly by people (just the way he shys away)that catching him may be a problem.

EG: Well get it up as the actress said to the Archbishop. The story I mean.

Anonymous said...

kissy kissy goodness I love love love the kissy kissy face!!!

(no, I'm not embarrassed, why do you ask?)

Also, just noticed the Mouse Potato award - exxxxxcellent!

more cowbell said...

Awww. It always amazes me that Reese is a gentleman of some years ... his sweet face has such a puppyish look about it.

I keep telling RG I'm going to get going on the pet pics, but sadly, I'm a slacker.

MikeOpera said...

What a beautiful dog! We have two dachshunds and Elmo is a rescue. He came with a lot of health issues, but some good care and lots of loving has turned him into a wonderful and healthy dog.

BigAssBelle said...

that reesie. i knew if i kept looking i'd find my sweet boy.

ugh. stray dogs. they simply break my heart. i have no words of wisdom, just add my disney emotions to your own. stupid dumb fuck people.