Monday, November 12, 2007

For All Thy Saints

The month started with Ognissanti (All Saints) which I think I mentioned was always one of my favorite feast days during my Anglo-Catholic days. When I started posting from Roma, on a whim and mostly because I love the Italian names, I decided to mark each of the Saint's Days - and which day isn't? - on my postings.

Wine RegionsIn a comment Larry was asking how I determine my Saint's Days as in many cases they don't seem to agree with official Church Calenders. Well the explanation is fairly simple - one of Laurent's colleagues at the Embassy was leaving just after we arrived and we inherited a calender from her called - very strangely - Italy in Wine. Strangely because the title may be in English but everything else is in Italian including the very lengthy and technical wines comments.

Calender SaintsEach month features a different wine region with a cute drawing of the area, the aforementioned blurbs on the wines of the region and a Calender listing all the Saint's Days for that month. So I've been using that - I figure they wouldn't lie to me on an offical Mulino Don Chisciotte Wine Calender! Would they?

12 novembre - San Emiliano


Anonymous said...

I'm going to call November Novembre from now on.

giorgia said...

Have you heard of John Elkann and Lavinia Borromeo giving their second child the name "OCEANO"? :D

tater said...

Will you be celebrating each Saint's day with a bottle of wine from a region?

AMOROMA said...

The Roman calendar lists Saint Stanislaus Kostka for today. Here is a quote from him:

"I find a heaven in the midst of saucepans and brooms."
- Saint Stanislaus Kostka

He can come to my apartment whenever he likes!