Tuesday, November 06, 2007

There's More to It Than Ham

Palazzo Pilote Arches
They were right! Our friends and colleagues have been telling us that the only way to deal with living in Rome is to get the hell out of town at least once a month. And it works - the week or two before my trip to Parma I was on the verge: a trip back to Canada was looking awfully inviting. And that after only three months in Rome! The problem was we really hadn't left Rome with its chaos, traffic, noise and what my Italian teacher Eugenia called "nervosa." Two days, some good food, some music and I returned a happier, healthier human being. Now we have to get Laurent away for a weekend.

Towards the Duomo
I'm sure Parma has its downside but I was charmed by fact that one of the major modes of transportation was the bicycle - for young and old. Cars were not parked on sidewalks or across pedestrian crossings, the streets are clean and the center of the city - on Saturday and Sunday at least - is restricted traffic and largely a pedestrian zone. The pace is slower as can be expected in a small city.

I didn't have time to see anything other than the outside of the Cathedral, Baptistry and Palazzo Pilote and the only museum I visited was the charming puppet museum Il Castello dei Burattini. All of which means I will have to go back and next time take Reese and Laurent with me.

I took far too many pictures so I'll post them in the next few hours by subject and avoid any further long-winded travelogue writing.

06 novembre - San Leonardo di Limoges


Doralong said...

I never said it was ALL about the ham..

How charming it all looks- so glad it was a pleasant break, we all need a bit of alone time away from home once in a while.

tater said...

I am so envious of your new country. I have not yet been to Italy, and it is calling to me. I think I lived there in a previous life, because its magnetic pull is too much to fight, and impossible to ignore. Another reesie report is coming soon?

BigAssBelle said...

it looks gorgeous! i am delighted to see your photos and hear what life is like way over there. and parma. the ham! the ham! ;-)

delicious. please continue providing visual bon-bons and verbal treats for those of us who are tragically, hopelessly landlocked within the US.

evilganome said...

Italy sounds wonderful. I can't imagine what it must be like to live in a country where you can easily travel by train. Okay, maybe easily is a bit strong, I've heard about the, er... relaxed attitude towards schedules in Italy, but none the less. I hope you continue to enjoy and are able to take advantage of all opportunities to explore.

more cowbell said...

I love your pictures and your travelogues. How nice to get away for a refresher. Can't wait for the rest of the photos!