Saturday, November 24, 2007


We've just returned from a concert performance of Rossini's Guillaume Tell and I intend to comment on it tomorrow but in the meantime:


In spite of tonight's peppy performance by the Accademia Santa Cecilia of the Overture lead by an energized Antonio Pappano I'm afraid I just can't get this Spike Jones version out of my head. For that I can thank my brother who tried out his Jones imitations on me when I was four years old - which could account for why I am the warped little nipper I am today.

**Thanks to LungWizard1 for posting this on YouTube.

24 novembre - Santa Flora

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Doralong said...

Too funny! My Daddy used to delight in annoying me with his *ahem* brilliant Spike Jones imitations. Actually I think he just used to do it so he could see exactly how far back in my head my eyes actually could roll..