Saturday, November 10, 2007

Parma - Street Scenes

Many of these pictures where taken on Sunday morning when all good Italians are at mass - or in bed. This accounts for the deserted appearance of the streets - that and I'm still not all that comfortable pointing my camera at people, in that uptight Anglo way I feel like I'm intruding on them.

From Piazza DuomoParma StreetParma StreetInto a CourtyardA Street MimeParma StreetA viale behind the CathedralChurch of San GiovanniTaking a BathArcade AnticsParma City HallPiazza Garibaldi
Though Dante doesn't mention it in the Inferno there is a special ring of hell reserved for mimes and performance artists - one with real glass cages and a constant hurricane force wind to fight against. However this "statue" had a really original twist - if you gave him something he sprang to life and presented the book for your to sign with the feather pen. It worked, he had a constant stream of donors: And Your Name Shall Be Write Large In The Book of the Charitable?????

(photos taken) 27 ottobre - San Fiorenzo e 28 ottobre - SS Simone e Guida


Doralong said...

How very, very lovely!

more cowbell said...

ha! At first glance, I had no idea that was a mime! I'm sure he'll be pleased to know there is a reservation for him...

gorgeous pics.