Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Parlo del Piu e del Meno - Blog Things

  • My friend Auld Hat over at the Voluptuary has created a little quiz. Why not take it and see if you too are a Mouse Potato. The prize - well she's also has a nifty little icon that can be proudly displayed on your blog/website or perhaps made into a t-shirt to announce your incipient nerdishness to the world. I display mine with pride.

  • When I read Sticky Crows , I become a little bit homesick for Canada and, yes, even Québec. As Torn describes the wonder of the first snowfall of the season, the joy of winter tires and scraping windshields I feel a touch of nostalgia. Then I look out the window at the sunshine and my blooming hibiscus and think: nay!

    Last week he included a link to this site that purports to rate the reading level required to appreciate your blog. It frightens me that my audience has to be better education than I am.

  • Buzkashi RiderMy friend Bev is back in Kabul after a bit of R and R with Kev and the pups in Colombo. She hasn't had a great deal of time to update her blog but has taken some incredible photos on her many travels throughout Afghanistan. Last week she put up a slide show of a Buzkashi game. Just click on the picture for some great shots of what to do on your next trip to Kabul.

27 november - San Virgilio

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