Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Further Valentino

Valentino Red
When the video of the Valentino Exhibition finally processed and I played it this morning I realized that the picture was small and that many of the exquisite details of Valentino's designs were lost. So I've uploaded a sideshow at Fickr that can be browsed through at a desired speed. I haven't added much in the way of comments other than identifying the celebrity dresses.

Two things I did notice and several friends who accompanied me to the exhibition remarked on:

  • You'd have to be pencil thin verging on anorexic to wear some - well actually almost all - of those dresses.
  • Some of the more elaborate ones - bead work behinds, coq feathers at the wrists and neck - would be absolute hell to wear. How the hell would you sit in some of them?

14 novembre - San Giocondo


more cowbell said...

Holy stick figures, Batman -- I'm glad you put that comment in there, because when the page opened up, for a split second I didn't realize they were mannequins - they actually scared me. My first thought was, "goodgod, they're actually skeletal!" Yikes.

I like that some countries in Europe are now moving toward requiring their models to have a certain minimum percentage of body fat in order to model. I keep them telling them it would be in their interest to hire me, as I could be two models for the price of one, but they just don't get it.

Anonymous said...

A gorgeous collection and amazing exhibition! I want to be married in that butterfly backed white gown and burried in that long black snake gown. Gee, has Valentino been to Mongolia recently? Seems very Mongol inspired, no?

Willym said...

Cowbell: A very good friend in Warsaw is a well known designer and in one of her major shows she used ordinary women as her models - it was great - good looking women in great looking clothes. The collection sold out in a matter of days.

Auld: It's interesting to see the various influences - Mongolian, Bedouin etc. and unfortunately I didn't get the really hysterical 70s stuff that was displayed in windows facing on to the street.

Doralong said...

Stunning! Some of his most amazing designs have been in red, my favorite color.. While the one side of my brain is madly in love with the beauty he creates, the other side still is distressed by the toothpicks with bobble heads..

But you must admit the man makes some serious beautiful.

Tater said...

I agree with Doralong, stunning! The toothpicks, not so much. Love a red dress! LOVE... Too bad I can't pull it off.