Thursday, May 31, 2007

Video - Women in Western Art

A beautiful piece of video art created by Eggman913 - with the help of a few of the renowned - and not so well-known - artists of the past 500 years. And his Picasso and Civil War videos are exceptional pieces of video, you might want to check them out on YouTube.

Wish I knew what the cello piece is!


BigAssBelle said...

what an incredible video! so beautiful. it strikes me that there were (maybe) three images with teeth . . . in 500 years.

this gives me a vision of you sitting in a beautiful sunlit room, puppy curled at your feet, cup of tea at hand, reading something in Russian or German or French, classical music playing in the background.

Minus the foreign languages, it's where I'd like to be this morning, sitting in my sunlit living room, puppies at my side, reading something spiritual, something classical on the CD player. Sigh.

Do you need some real household help in Rome? I could freshen your cup of tea while you think great thoughts, while Laurent works. I make a mean blackberry pie. :-)

laurent said...

I like Blackberry pie. Maybe we should consider this job application.
Beautiful video, I wonder who put that together and it goes well with that piece of music.

more cowbell said...

Willym, my daughter says the cello is one of the 6 Bach cello suites. She couldn't pull off the top of her head which one, but says maybe the Dmajor? (I love having a resident expert around)

Pablo Casals did probably the best (imho) recording, if you're interested in hearing all of them

Willym said...

MC: thanks - or more accurately thank you to your RE. I had a feeling it was one of the Bach's but wasn't sure. Even stronger feeling that is was Slava - Rostapovich and I being on first name basis - playing it. I had the Casal's on vinyl until someone who will remain nameless decided to get ride of all the records on our last move. I should reinvestigate it on CD.