Friday, May 18, 2007

Opera Chic's Milan

La Scala logo As well as her quirky and ultra-hawt postings on opera, Opera Chic (I'm a young American woman in Milan.... and you're not. I go to La Scala alot.... and you don't) has taken to giving us insights into her fabulous life in Milan... where we're sadly not!

Today (May 18th) she's highlighted a few of her favorite spots - other than La Scala... where we're sadly not! - in and around the Duomo. I can almost taste those marron glacé and damn it the minute we get settled in Rome I'm heading up north to do exactly that - and maybe, just maybe catch a performance at La Scala.

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BigAssBelle said...

you know i saw this the other day and then scooted off to inspect her. what a lovely life! i do want to hear more about rome, when you're going, how long, forever? because of laurent's position? just because you two love it?