Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Et Tu? Reesie!

Reesie RecumbantRather than slap me against the side of the head - which I deserve for forgetting to mention it - in that sweet gentle southern manner of hers, lynette reminded me that I hadn't said anything about the most important man coming to Rome: Reese.

Yes the Reeser Man is coming with us, if he couldn't go I wouldn't go - simple as that.

In the way of special handling he has to:
  • be mircochiped
  • have up-to-date rabies shots
  • be given a clean bill of health by a Canadian Vet
There is no quarantine requirement - that only applies to places like the UK, Australia, the Caribbean - so he can enter Italy with us. And friends at the Embassy have recommended a good vet to look after him once we're there.

Airlines no longer allow pets in the cabin - I can understand the reasons though I don't like it - so Reesie will be going as checked baggage. I've explain to him that its actually Canine Class and its a very special cabin all his own. Working with the airlines taught me that the last thing to do is give him a tranquillizer - those things have a stronger effect because of the altitude; more animals die of over-doses on flights than you'd think. The best thing to do - and no this isn't a fetish thing - is to put a pair of sock or underwear that you've worn in their kennel. The smell of someone they know comforts them.

Reese on the moveThis will be his second trip to Europe - and given his age probably his last. He's fairly well-travelled. He got us in Crystal Lake, Illinois when we lived in Chicago. We realize now that the kennel - though AKK registered - was a puppy mill and many of his health problems stem from over breding. Be that as it may he's still my best bud and one of the gentlest creatures on God's earth. He has been with us on moves back to Ottawa, down to Montreal (five times), over to Warsaw, back to Ottawa-Aylmer and now onward to Roma. He should have frequent flyer points.


Red7Eric said...

I grew up in a military family, and our family dogs went with us everywhere. Poor little Maudie lived in the UK quarantine system for six months, but we couldn't leave any of our family members behind. Good on ya.

Laurent said...

Thank you Will for that posting. Reesie looks great.

BigAssBelle said...

oh that sweet little puppy!! i didn't realize sedation was not a good thing. i'd have doped up bill and betty if i had to fly them anywhere. and i didn't realize they could no longer travel in cabin, so i guess they'll be staying home with the sitter. thus ends any plans i may have had for an around the world cruise or travel for any extended period of time. oh well, what price love?

thanks for the info. i've been fretting about the sweet puppy. puppy love is about as good as it gets next to the love of a good man :-)

Willym said...

And aren't you and I lucky that we got both?

more cowbell said...

Oh, good news! I wouldn't go without my dogs, either.

When we came back to the States this last time, we had a hell of a time bringing our big lop rabbit. I had to jump through all kinds of hoops to prove he was not a "rodent". (Rabbits are technically lagomorphs, not rodents) Then all kinds of health certification, and he could not go in the cabin either, even though some lady with a cat could bring hers. Bastards.

I don't know about Italy, but Germany and other places in Europe are more dog-friendly than here in the states. Dogs could go into stores, even restaurants and cafes if well behaved. (In Germany, almost every dog I saw was fine with this -- if they couldn't behave, folks left them at home. Simple. I didn't see any yappers in pink purses causing a ruckus.)

anyway, good for all of you, that's great.

Willym said...

Like the rest of Europe Italian railway, restaurants, stores etc have not problem with animals. And you're right people leave their animals at home if they know they won't behave. I remember fights with cab drivers here and in Chicago when dispatch had been told there would be a dog and the driver was upset - but never once did we have problems in Poland. Entirely different attitude.