Thursday, May 03, 2007

You Should Wake Up In the Middle of the Night....

Molly Picon
I only saw the great Yiddish actress/singer/composer/writer Molly Picon on TV. Back in the '60s, when stereotyping was a form of shorthand, she made guest appearances on Car 54, Where Are You? as Mrs. Bronson, the Yenta of Yentas. She was in her mature years but still had a pixie charm and a way with a raised eyebrow.

What made me think of her tonight? At a briefing for Foreign Service employees and spouses today the subject of our fears and concerns about our postings abroad came up. I mentioned that not only would Laurent and I have to learn to live together again after three years but we would be doing it in the foreign city. One of the participants, who will be leaving his wife behind as he heads out to Kabul, asked me what I was looking forward to most when we are reunited. I repeated a line of Mrs. Bronson's when she opened up a matchmaking service for older couples:

It's nice, you should wake up in the middle of the night and be thirsty, there's someone you can nudge , they should get up and get you a glass of water.

You got it Mrs Bronson!


BigAssBelle said...

oh how sweet! so when do you leave? and you're heading to rome? it sounds so very exciting. i can't even imagine completely moving myself to another country.

what about puppy? is this like the diplomatic service here? do you speak italian? so many questions :-) my life is so ordinary, i'm enchanted by your prospects.

Willym said...

I'm trying to get around to a post-explaination about what is going on. Today was a back to work day -groan... oh well only 7 weeks 4 days ... but who's counting right?