Sunday, May 13, 2007

Spring Has Sprung - VI

I realize I have become a trifle obsessive about the garden - perhaps it's because I know at the end of July I will turn it over to other people to care for.

A colleague asked me why, if the house was sold, would I waste my time working in the garden?

Good question. Possible answers:
  • Pride - damned if I'll turn over the garden in a sorry state to its new owners.
  • I enjoy it.
  • Plants are living things that, like all living things, need care and nurturing.
  • It keeps me off the wild streets of Aylmer!
Bishop's Scourge to meLynette (Big Ass Belle) was asking what the pretty variegated ground cover was on a previous post. I knew it as Bishop's Scourge but it is commonly known as Bishop's Wort or Gout wort. Lovely but invasive - I've needed a machete to cut it back the odd time. But it is still a spectacular ground cover for the ferns, hostas and day lilies.
Tall Bleeding Heart
Spreading Bleeding HeartThere are several types of Bleeding Hearts - I believe the low, spreading one is a Japanese variety. The two by the shed have become a good size in the past four years.
Raspberry canes
A few strawberry plants
    When the house was built back in 1885 the kitchen garden was where part of the family room and deck are now. Most of the back was vegetable and fruit gardens (there's an aerial photo from the '40s in the City Archives showing the garden and fields down to the river bank.) Every year the remnants of the strawberry and raspberry patches spring up. I just leave them - they bring extra colour and life to the garden.


    BigAssBelle said...

    oh! i am SO behind!! i've actually been working this week. i am delighted to find a wealth of willym posts to peruse with morning coffee. yay!

    Willym said...

    Between working - I knew he was wrong about that - and celebrating your anniversary - what a lovely post that is - its a wonder you've had time for anything.

    BigAssBelle said...

    1885????? good grief!! amazing. living in oklahoma, which became a state in 1907, i am always a little shocked to find folks living in houses hundreds of years old.

    those bleeding hearts are to die for. mine have all vanished, like due to our terribly dry summers the last couple of years. i do love them, but don't you think those larger ones look like hearts with little tiny penises sticking out?