Wednesday, May 30, 2007


Two of my favorite bloggers - Tater and my blog mama lynette - talk about ghosts and memories.

Tater writes - as only he can - about the ghosts in the attic.

lynette chronicles her search for family memories and ghosts this past weekend. And being lynette she kept us in suspense through not one, not two , not three but four postings. And there were a few of us going to give her such as slap after posting number three.

Speaking of the supernatural, I just went over to Big Ass Belle to check the urls for the links and lynette has linked to Tater too (gosh that sounds cute) and my most recent post about Rome. Coincidence or the para-normal at work? Scary stuff kids.


BigAssBelle said...

ghosts! they're everywhere :-) or great minds think alike. something. it is weird, isn't it? kind of how unrelated women hanging out together end up in sync with one another hormonally. but that's likely more than you ever wanted to know. it's just strange, isn't it?

Willym said...

Mom, lynette is using big words again.... make her stop.... lol

Tater said...

Thank you for the plug Willym, you are too sweet! Can't wait to see the incredible photos that you will be taking in Rome...yep, still jealous.