Thursday, May 24, 2007

Breaking Up Is Hard To Do

According to a recent report from Statistics Canada men are more likely to suffer depression after a divorce than women. This soundly supports the theory that women are stronger then men – something I’ve never disputed.

The study began in 1994, before Same-Sex Marriage became legal in Canada (2003), and it’s based on statistics from straight couples only. Guess they’ll have to start again with same-sex couples.

Now that could produce an interesting set of statistics. As an example, in gender-defined relationships will the butch one be more depressed than the femme one when they split up. Or in a lesbian relationship will both parties simply move on while in a gay one both guys will become depressed, weepy and a burden to their friends who will have to listen endless repetitions of “I gave him the best week of my – sob - life!”

Hmmm… may have answered my own question right there.

Okay I may be taking this Rome thing a little to excess with Sedaka singing Breaking Up Is Hard To Do in Italian but.....


laurent said...

Well we are on our way now. Volare ho, ho. Cantare, ho,ho.

BigAssBelle said...

haha ! "best week of my life" . . . very funny.

i have found it absolutely amazing that all of my lesbian friends seem to remain friends post-breakup. in any group of 20 lesbians, 18 of them will have been coupled up with half a dozen of the others at any given time, and they're all still pals.

i haven't noticed it with my gay friends because they tend not to couple up, more of a transient thing with most of them.

david at SomeoneInATree wrote much about his recent heartbreak. i think it really depends on the person, but in general, since it is socially acceptable for women to boo hoo and express emotions, i suspect men have a more difficult time because it all has to stay bottled up with a manly cork in it. hard for a wound to heal without being cleaned out, and keeping everything inside must be rough.