Saturday, May 05, 2007

Spring Has Sprung - IV - May 4, 2007

Conversation the first spring we were in the house - April 2003:
Blue flowers called???? Laurent: Oh look at those blue flowers. They've bloomed over night.
Me: Yeah, very pretty.
More blue flowers called???? Laurent: What do you call them?
Me: Fred and Mildred.
Laurent: No seriously, they must have a name.
Me: Damned if I know.
And more blue flowers called ???
And I call myself a Gardener!


laurent said...

You are the most wonderful gardener. Kiss!

BigAssBelle said...

oh how sweet! Laurent speaks!!!! and those are grape hyacinth, which you probably know but are just joking about . . .

gorgeous. i think i spy that plant i can never grow. too hot and humid here. oh shoot, the name escapes me. top photo, far right, back by the stone near the fence. it holds water beautifully, looking like little diamonds on the crinkled leaves.

it's raining here and the reason is because my peonies are in full bloom. we'll not get rain again all summer, but our last downpour is precisely timed to cause my beautiful girls to drop their heads around their feet. sigh.

Willym said...

Lynette - at the time I honestly didn't know what it was called. We had a very different garden in Warsaw and in our previous home. Wish I could tell you what the plant in the corner is - I honestly don't remember it being there last year. Things seem to pop up in this garden - seeds from neighbours? Those bloody squirrel?

That always seems to happen with peonies. Any pictures of the girls?

BigAssBelle said...

ha! i found it. it's called lady's mantle ~ alchemilla mollis. lovely. too hot for it here.

um . . . you're tagged, honey. 10 interesting things about you, an expose . . .