Sunday, May 20, 2007

CPP* Day - Let the Excitement Begin!

March 1947 Who would have thought that 60 years and a bit after this photo was taken (don't you just love the antimacassar - Isabel, my mother, crotchet it between changing my diapers) this adorable infant would be applying for his Canada Pension.

The middle of last week, with trembling hand, amidst the chuckles of my young co-workers - damn I remember the day one of them was born - and the cheers of my fellow sexagenarians (and no that ain't a dirty word,) I submitted my electronic application. Starting August I can join the stampede of seniors to their mail boxes on the first of the month - though I won't be heading to Timmy's to compare tax deductions afterwards. Guess I'll just have to spend mine on some of those marrons glacés that Opera Chic was talking about the other day.

* Canada Pension Plan - I've been contributing to it since my first job back in 1966; my first contribution was $58.59 for the year. If I recall my take-home pay that year was around $7000.00


laurent said...

You have not changed that much. Same rosy cheeks.

sailor said...

Oh, that is cute!

BigAssBelle said...

what a precious baby!! 60 years, who'd ever think it? and how lovely that you can draw your pension at 60! i really, really, really want to move away from the US.

more cowbell said...

Oh, this picture is even better!

Are you the original Gerber Baby?